Megan and Poppy

Megan and Poppy
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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Well after months and months

of not ride my motorcycle the weather has cooled off so last night I went for a 18 mile bike ride, I got my bike legs back so today we went for a longer right up to can't lake. I think it was about 60 miles round trip. There was only one time I had a ruff take off didn't fall or nothing just had to keep putting my feet down. My husband gets so mad at me cause I do a one foot take off. I tried the two foot but the bike dies. Let's just say this woman has to do it her way I hop off with my foot lol. It was so nice around the lake drive on thunder road took camera but we didn't stop and take pictures came back on thunder road twice had lunch at the overlook cafe. Then came back on a road I told him I never wanted to drive on it's a 70 mile hour and the truck just blow you off the road, when we got home I told him I told you when I first started riding I didn't want to ride on that road, he said well you've done it now so no big deal men just one truck passed me. It was a nice day maybe tomorrow we will go again.

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