Megan and Poppy

Megan and Poppy
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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Swap finished don't look if in swap

this is what I made if your in this swap don't look lol.

Friday, May 22, 2009


I have been changing the garage into a scraproom gosh for 4 years or so now. We moved in with mother in law when she got sick, sold our home she only lived a few months after doing so. Then hubby got cancer then I got cancer, well this week we have made big moves took out the work bench and then rebuilt it in his new garage. Got my two tables in now I have a cutting table and a stamping table yes. I'm moving along. It will be slow going cause now my knee shots for the pain are wearing off next month time for shots again so I'm in a lot of pain. But I can do a little at a time, I hope to get it all done this month. Would like to paint but just don't have it in me to do so.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A nothing day

I finished up my first tear bear but it wasn't a bear it was a rabbit lol. Didn't know it would take so long for it to dry from the water to tear it.
I'm off tonight to get my school bus license renewed I don't want to loose them just in case I will need to go back to work. It's just one night every five years I still do sub for free when they can't get anyone else and in really big time trouble getting the kids home. I know I can't do it in the morning just to early for me to get up and take care of my Lymphedema now since the breast cancer. So I will be studying tonight so send out good vibes I pass the test again.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

My mother's day

My oldest sister came up and we too my mom out to eat, she seemed to have fun. I got her a new sister and made her a card (for got to take a picture just a very quick simple on remember I'm not a card maker) but she thought it was real nice just used the CB embossing folder on it and ribbon. It has been raining so much I'm ready to build an ark. Nothing much else going on have to get some things out for a swap I'm in. Oh and this week have to go back to School bus driving school I'm keeping my cert just in case.