Megan and Poppy

Megan and Poppy
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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Dave got the rest of his teeth pulled

hope it will make him feel better only had his front teeth and one went bad so he couldn't use his plate so he said take them all out well it was 8 of them. I think he thought it was going to be a piece of cake men lol. He is doing better today off riding his bike he has to prove he it won't stop him from biking lol. Nothing else going on getting ready to bake bread again once I get to the store, back is hurting. My oldest comes home tonight from Grand Cayman can't wait till she is safe back home. She has been married two years man time flies.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Craft Critique

having membership drive

Saturday, July 25, 2009

First Movie

It was great I was so proud of Megan she was a little nervous in the lobby but as soon as we got to walking it was movie movie lol. If it wasn't for the 30 minutes of movie previews and all that stuff it would have been great the last 15 minutes she had to get up so I took her to the front roll on the carpet so she could jump lol there was only two other families there watching the show. She laughed had fun we all were grinning lol. Then off to eat lunch at Wendy's A&W was to full. He took two bites of Chicken and two fries and no bites of Wendy's frosty. She ate her kids pack of skittle and one bite of popcorn but dug into gg (my mom) junior mints lol.
Then it was time to go home well she was having no part of getting into mom's car she came in my van to eat, she said I'm going with grandma I want my seat in grandma's car. So of course I told her grandma wasn't going to her house (we met in a town about an hour drive for me and 30 minutes from there house) I told her I was going home she said to my house grandma I ride with you, so you guess where I went lol. How could I turn down those tears and it was so hot and I knew she was going to win, so off we went two minutes after we got on the toll road she was out like a light lol. So then we spend the rest of the day playing, painting and just goofing off tell her daddy I'm calling the cops on you lol he was grabbing her as she was walking by and it was so funny he was eating a burger and grabbed for her and his chair turned over we laughed so hard lol. It was a great day and I got to take my grand daughter to her first movie oh we ask ice age I told her there was going to be some big dinosaur and she said I like them lol she already had the white dinosaur from McD in a happy meal I took her.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Well after months and months

of not ride my motorcycle the weather has cooled off so last night I went for a 18 mile bike ride, I got my bike legs back so today we went for a longer right up to can't lake. I think it was about 60 miles round trip. There was only one time I had a ruff take off didn't fall or nothing just had to keep putting my feet down. My husband gets so mad at me cause I do a one foot take off. I tried the two foot but the bike dies. Let's just say this woman has to do it her way I hop off with my foot lol. It was so nice around the lake drive on thunder road took camera but we didn't stop and take pictures came back on thunder road twice had lunch at the overlook cafe. Then came back on a road I told him I never wanted to drive on it's a 70 mile hour and the truck just blow you off the road, when we got home I told him I told you when I first started riding I didn't want to ride on that road, he said well you've done it now so no big deal men just one truck passed me. It was a nice day maybe tomorrow we will go again.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Our 4th of July

It was great we took Megan and her daddy fishing her is a picture of her with her new Dora fishing pole that grandma got her, she loves the lake. All fireworks went off without any mishaps. Megan hated them again this year maybe next year will be better she would look out the window and watch them. I will up load more pictures later when I get the new computer.

Grateful Daughter's

My oldest got a new computer for Christmas and was giving her old one to the youngest daughter and she turned it down and wants me to have it, they know I live on my computer I will be so happy I can get back to using my Cricut again on the computer. I will be able to upload stuff again email yea.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


I computer hit the dust it is so upsetting that you pay so much money for these things and they don't last even two years. So much money down the drain I guess they get you hooked and know you will keep paying to get a new one, but I haven't made up my mind to to so. I am using a computer that has to be over 10 years old why don't they make them like that, oh I guess they can't suck the dollars out of you if they do. $500. for one year use of a computer just don't sound good to me at this time plus the fee for being online. Can you tell I'm mad disussed.

Chuck Allen Floyd new release

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