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Megan and Poppy
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Friday, January 9, 2009

You won't believe I started in the scraproom cleaning a little. I'm going to do this little by little and hope to get everything in it's place. I haven't seen my moosie (grand daughter) in almost two weeks. This is the longest time for me not to see her, her daddy has been real sick and I had something so I stayed away, so hope to see her this weekend sometime.
It has been so nice here and now the cold front is coming and the wind is gusting up to 50 miles and hour. We broke a record today for being so warm 73 degrees now it's down to 43. I missed the sales this week and Mike's and Hobby Lobby so nothing new to play with, oh I did get a big kick this week. So hope to get to use that this week sometimes. All my distressed inks came in also still need the handle thing for the pads hoped to get that this week but didn't make it to OKC, so that will be a future buy. Not much else going on really a boring life lol.

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