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Friday, January 7, 2011

My new knee

After years of trying to find a dr I finally gave up and went to the main place for knee replacements and they said yes i needed both my knees done. So i had my first one done on the 7th of Dec. I'm doing pretty well with it they say i'm way ahead of most people. I also went to my cancer dr and he found a lump in my breast area again so i will be having surgery again soon. I will be cancer free in March 4 years and I hope to be able to make that statement then.


cajunsis said...

Saying prayers here Sharon. I hope you continue to recover quickly and the surgery is successful with no bad news. Good luck.

macpat said...
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macpat said...

macpat said...
Sharon just had my knee done in Sept and to give you an idea I wanted to say I am doing fantastic, you will be shocked how good you will feel soon. I will say a pray for your surgery for the lump your doctor found. My therapy lasted from Sept - Dec.
Think positive all the way. Check blog for Sept/Oct for my recovery. Pat (Sign up as follower so I can hear how your doing.

K Andrew said...

Hi Sharon!
Congrats you beautiful girl you! I'm soooo happy to hear you are Cancer Free--Praise the LORD!!!
Thank you for stopping by my blog!
I'm now following you too!

Big Cricky Hugs to You!
Kristal Andrew