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Megan and Poppy
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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Well the weather is finally nice in OK

I hope to get back to doing some things now that it's cooler only in the 80's and 90's now. Was going to go motorcycle riding yesterday but hubby friend wanted him to go to OKC and I will not drive in the traffic so I stayed home. MY mom came down while I was making bread and we had a nice visit. Talked about my sperm donor of a dad (who is dead now) the man had 5 kids from two marriages and he and his family had denied us all our lives, there loss just made me mad that on his death certificate it says never married when he was married twice. I have a wonderful father who took a woman in with 4 girls and raised us as his own, I never missed or lacked for a father to my wonderful father Burnie who is no longer with us I miss him each day.

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