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Megan and Poppy
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Thursday, June 18, 2009

mixed up

i went to see my grand daughter yesterday and stayed late to pick my sister up at the airport she went to see her son hadn't seen him in over 5 years. Well I get to the airport before her flight was due the board said arrived well she never came out the gate, I panic (she is visual impaired) running all over the place that the guard tells me to go and no one there, airports at 9pm have no one working there. I finally find and info desk (she isn't answering her cell phone) she said does she have a cell phone yes I called it no answer. So she puts out a on the look out. I call her ex husband and he said I'm sorry it's tomorrow night shes coming home not tonight. Now I booked her flight so why didn't I know this so I go back tonight to pick her up. She called me cause I left her a voice mail I'm hear I can't find you. So she said what are you doing in WA I laughted said no I'm home I went to the airport last night to get you so we had a good laugh.

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cajunsis said...

Oh my gosh! This is something *I* would do!